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Episode 36 – Jim Stallings At Clos Pegase

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Art, Wine, and Music, ahhh the finer things in life. Megan swings by Clos Pegase, which is just across the road from Sterling Vineyards (Episode 35), and runs into Jim Stallings doing his art thing. Jim then chats with Megan about his live art at symphonies… cool stuff, great art, nice guy.

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Welcome to Visneyland ladies and gentlemen!!

Where can you find an aerial tram leading to a mykonos-style winery that lets you show your self around with a taste at every corner?   Sterling Vineyard & Winery!  Megan braves the tram, sips the wine, and enjoys the tour…  (p.s. .. note the blonde moment in the beginning “descending upward.”)

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