Meet Megan

Megan has loved wine since before she could legally drink it. When Megan was in college, she started waiting tables at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where she was introduced to delicious red wines.

Before then, Megan dabbled in the Boones and White Zinfandels of the world, but was a total “wine blonde” when it came to the wine world. However, she quickly found her passion, and since then has been working in the industry: tasting, teaching and learning, in a laid back way.

Megan’s first official “wine job” was in Santiago, Chile, where she worked for a company that specialized in exporting wines from small and unknown wineries. Megan quickly took to the idea of exploring beautiful places that make wonderful wines, a concept you will often see on Wine For Blondes.

After college, Megan took her wine geekiness a step further. She moved from Kansas to California, became an attorney, and began practicing wine law.

What is wine law? Well, it involves everything from labeling regulations, direct shipping litigation, and environmental laws in the vineyard. But Megan’s true passion has always been talking about, tasting, and learning more about wine. Her mission now is to make wine fun and to share what she knows with the wine blondes of the world.